Fanny's Fruit Farm - U - Pick it Patch

                                       Berry Seasons

Red Raspberries  &
Black Raspberries
are picked here
around the
end of August and through October

Pricing: $5 Pint
           $15 Quart
           $30  2 Quart

                               *Plus you eat while you pick *
                                       Pictured 2 Quart Basket

Blackberry Season
Begins Early August and
goes through
Mid - September.

* Same pricing as Raspberries

(Pictured 1 Quart size)


We are bringing back a fall
producing Strawberry that
starts producing in August and goes through October

Pricing : $10 Quart

                          Note:      We provide the baskets
               if you provide the appetite

         October Schedule:

      Sunday,   Oct 1st : noon- 6pm
       Saturday, Oct 7th: 1pm - 6pm
                   (Octoberfest Weekend)
       Sunday,    Oct 8th: Noon - 6 pm

       Saturday,  Oct 14th: 11am - 9:30pm
            Haunted Hallows from 7 - 9:30pm
            Bonfires  start at 6:30 
            "G" Rated Tour at 6:45 

       Sunday,    Oct 15th: Noon - 6 pm

       Saturday, Oct 21st: 11am - 6pm
       Sunday,   Oct 22nd: Noon - 6pm


             End of Season Weekend - All Pumpkins are $1
        *Wear a  costume and get a free hot chocolate*     

       Saturday, Oct  28th: 11am - 6pm
       Sunday,    Oct  29th: Noon - 4pm


                          (3 & Under are free)

                         Included in Admission

         Glitter Tattoo Parlor                            Pedal Kart Course
         Laser Mazer                                         Goat Barn
         Haunted Hallows (2 Evenings)          Chicken Coop
         Bonfires (2 Evenings)                           Lamb Barn
         Bale Bonanza                                      Kate's Place
         Antique Tractor Barn                         " This and That"
         Hay Rack Ride                                  Mr. McGregor's Garden 

                                      New for 2017- "Picasso Pumpkins"
                            1 small pumpkin that you paint
                                  ( included in admission)

                   *  Pumpkins, Raspberries, Blackberries,
              Three Brothers' Mine, Apples, Grapes
              Strawberries and Food are not included
                                     in Admission.

                      Pumpkin Pricing:
          XL and L -> $10
               M-> $5,$4,$3,$2
                S -> $1

                                           (This is an example of XL)

      Oh, how I love you...great pumpkin!

               Millet pits located in
             "This & That"

Great crop of Big Pumpkins

Mr. McGregor's Garden.

Large Garden maze with flowers and pumpkins

Our 3.0 acre Pumpkin Patch . 

We do delivery straight to your vehicle from the patch.  We hire strong young gentlemen who will lift them for you.

                         New Things at Fanny's :

          Three Brothers' Mine


        The Three Brothers' Mine is where you purchase a bag of dirt with hidden gems, rocks and fossils and begin your adventure of "Panning" in our Mine sluice:  We currently have 5 Different Mine Packs.

 Example of Fossil Pack                 Example of Assorted Stones & Gems


       Three Brothers' Mine Pack Assortments:

   Assorted Stones & Semi - Precious Gem       ->  $5
           Large Assortment of Stones and Gems
    Fossil Pack (8 & up)
         Fossils, shark teeth, arrowheads & rocks  ->  $7
        (New for 2017 - 1 Piece of Fossilized Amber included)

   "Spirit" Animal & Treasured Stones                 ->  $7
        (2016 top Seller) Carved Soapstone Animal
         and assorted stones.

    New: Adventurer Special (5 & Up)               ->   $7
         Magnetic Rocks, TV Rock , wired arrowhead
         or Shark Tooth & assorted stones

    New: Glamor Galore                                     ->   $7
          Beaded stone bracelets, gems, polished shells
          & polished stones

       Fanny's Mine Pack Special
         (1 of each Pack) -> $30
       5 pack Assortment Save $3

                 The Laser Mazer is free with Admission and is also offered during the Haunted Hallows at night (so cool).    This course is set up with bales and forts made of bales.  You will compete against your family and friends with laser sensor guns. 

Seating is also available for those who want
to watch.

    We hope to make Fanny's a great time 
     for you, your friends and your family.

                 Remember: Happiness is like peeing
       your pants.  Everyone can see it , but
              only you can feel its warmth.
                                 Author Unknown

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