Fanny's Fruit Farm - U - Pick it Patch
                      Strawberry Picking

Raspberries in the daylight


High Tunnel
24 x 84  Blackberries


Chicken Coop


Picking first Berries.  August 3rd,

Picked these myself.


Here we Go!

Sweet Treats

Goats and Lambs are
also at our farm

 1 Quart

handle to
weight of berries)

         *  We provide the
baskets that you take home *

This is a picture of the eggs we sell at our farm:

 $5 for
2 dozen

          Setting up seating for "Haunted Hallows"

                                      For the last three years in October ,
      some of our hens hide out and hatch a clutch of eggs

    Mr McGregor's Garden is a large garden with paths that lead you on an adventure to see special varieties of pumpkins and to the "Big Bird's Nest" to see the farm from
a High View.

     The goats are always eager to meet you!

We have started a vineyard
.... no production...yet.

        2016 Entrance to Haunted 
       Hallows.  This event is at
       night and takes about
       25 minutes to finish tour.  

                                               Affectionately called 
        "The Forest of Talking Trees", this is our
           acre of Apple trees that hopefully
                will have production in 2017

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