is Raspberry Season


 Pint  - $5
 Large basket (4 Cups) - $15
X- Large ( 8 cups) - $25

     Sunday, August 30th       @ Noon -6pm
     Sunday, September 6th   @ Noon -6pm
     Sunday, September 13th @ Noon -6pm
     Sunday, September 20th @ Noon -6pm
     Sunday, September 27th @ Noon -6pm


Some Blackberries
will also be available

   How to Pick Raspberries at Fanny's:

       1.  We provide 3 sizes of baskets
               (Pint, large & XL)

       2.  You pay for the basket that you want

       3.   You pick your own berries

       4.   You can eat as many as your belly
              can hold and still fill your basket
              Note: There are 8 grams of fiber in
              one cup of raspberries

       5.  Don't wash berries until you are ready
             to eat them. (They will get Mushy)

       6. We have 2 acres of Raspberries

       7. There may be a few Strawberries as

       8.  You take basket home.

                           Raspberries at Sunset

few Strawberries

Thorn less
High tunnel

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