Happy Halloween 
      Closed for Season        
    Thank you to everyone for coming out to Fanny's.  Here at Fanny's, we wish you and your family the .......
"Happiest of Halloweens"

     Admission Fee:   $7
     ( 3 & under free)
             Fee includes:

* Barrel Trains
* Pedal Kart Course
* Tattoo Parlor
* Corn Maze
* Hay Rack Rides
* Haunted Hallows (11th,18th &25th)
* Chicken Coop
* Goat Barn
* Bale Bonanza
* Gift Shop/Eatery
* Lamb Barn
* 2 Acre Pumpkin Patch
* 3 Acres of Raspberries, Blackberries & Strawberries
* Kate's Place (Child Play House)
* Antique Tractor Barn

 Location: 11549 Rd 46 Gurley NE
     (Two miles east of Gurley)


Pumpkin Patch Schedule
            September 27th: 10am -6pm
           September 28th:  Noon - 6pm

           October 4th: Noon - 6pm
           October 5th: Noon - 6pm

           October 11th:  10am - 9pm 
              4pm Surprise Entertainment
              6pm - 9pm "Haunted Hallows"& Bonfires

           October 12th: Noon - 6pm

           October 18th: 10am - 9pm
             4pm  Surprise Entertainment
             6pm - 9pm "Haunted Hallows" & Bonfires

           October 19th: Noon - 6pm

           October 25th: 10am - 6 pm
              6pm - 9pm"Haunted Hallows"& Bonfires

           October 26th: Noon - 6pm 
          All Pumpkins a $1 on this last day!!!

 Haunted Hallows

       "Little Red Riding Hood"
            & "Zombie Land"

Experience a guided Haunted tour through "Fanny's" at night .  
You will be scared by zombies, wolves, witches & things that go bump in the night.  At the end of your tour , we will wish you a Happy Halloween in our solar powered evening garden.   This activity is great for teens and young adults at heart... Sit by the bonfires and listen to everyone scream in the night.  

Food and Drinks available.  Tour groups are in groups of 10.





Pick YOUR own blackberries on our thornless plants.  

We provide the containers that you take home:)


 Pint  - $5
 Large basket (4 Cups) - $15
 X-Large basket (8 Cups) - $25

(P.S. You Eat while you pick)

  (Text 308 - 249 - 2266  for Questions)
       July 2014

  Strawberry Picking has ended!! 
Thank You to all who came out :) 

      a Basket  (Basket Provided)
                                Next Picking Date:


Picture taken 6/24 @ 8pm


          New for 2014
    Pedal Kart Course

          Driver Ages 5 & Up!!!!

     New for 2014
Antique Tractor Barn

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