Fanny's Fruit Farm - U - Pick it Patch

3  Acres of Pumpkins!!
      18  different varieties




The Pumpkin Patch Shelter
is located between the 
Pumpkin Patch and
2 Acre Raspberry
Patch.  There is seating

This also the destination for the Hayrack Ride and it returns directly
to the
Carriage House

         Carriage House               

         Bathroom * Food * Gift Shop * Seating

         Menu Items:

1. Prairie Dog Mound (Large Nachos for 2)- $11

2. Jumbo Hot Dog, Applesauce, & FrostedCookie 
      or cupcake  (Packaged in "To Go" Box)  - $8
3. Chili & Homemade Cinnamon Roll    - $8

     All meals come with a drink
       Other Items:

Homemade Kettle Popcorn $5

Caramel Apples $3

Cheese/ Buttered Popcorn $5

Drinks $2

Hot Chocolate $2

Frosted Sugar Cookie $1
Cupcakes $2
                                                    Gift Shop

Great Grandma
Anne's Frosted
 Sugar Cookie

(Gluten -Free Option
 Available for 2017)

                Cookies also available in a dozen "To Go Box"

and Gifts

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