Fanny's Fruit Farm - U - Pick it Patch


         Blackberry and Raspberry

               Season has begun!!!

             Text 308-249-2266 to let me know when
       you want to pick and I will meet you out
         Here :)

            *  Lighter loads of blackberries but,  75%  of Raspberry field
                            going strong.
    ( 2 Acres of Raspberries will be heavy third weekend of September)

                We provide baskets:  $5, $15 & $30   plus all you can eat

     2016 schedule coming soon

   October Schedule:

     Saturday, Oct 1st: 1pm - 6pm
                 (Octoberfest Weekend)
       Sunday,   Oct 2nd : noon- 6pm
       Saturday, Oct 8th: 11am - 6pm
       Sunday,    Oct 9th: Noon - 6 pm

       Saturday,  Oct 15th: 11am - 9:30pm
            Haunted Hallows from 7 - 9:30pm
            Bonfiresstart at 6:30 
            "G" Rated Tour at 6:45 

       Sunday,    Oct 16th: Noon - 6 pm

       Saturday, Oct 22nd: 11am - 9:30pm
             Haunted Hallows from 7-9:30pm
             Bonfires start at 6:30
             "G" Rated Tour at 6:45

       Sunday,   Oct 23rd: Noon - 6pm

       Saturday, Oct  29th: 11am - 5pm
                   (Wear your Costume Day)
       Sunday,    Oct  30th: Noon - 4pm
     Last Day  ->  All Pumpkins are $1


                          (3 & Under are free)

                      Pumpkin Pricing:

            XL -> $20
                    L -> $10
                    M-> $5,$4,$3,$2
                    S -> $1

                                           (This is an example of XL)

      Oh, how I love you...great pumpkin!

          wheat, millet and corn pits

Great crop of Big Pumpkins this year!!

New This year:

Mr. McGregor's Garden.

Large Garden maze with flowers and pumpkins

Our 3.0 acre Pumpkin Patch . 

We do front door service delivery straight to your vehicle from the patch.  We hire strong young gentlemen who will lift them for you.

                                    2014 "Haunted Hallows"


"Nighttime Greeter"

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